Self Governing

Members agree in the contract to be the best version of themselves, creating a very pleasant atmosphere for everyone to live in peacefully.

Everyone is responsible for their own actions. If you make it dirty, you clean it, if you break it you replace it. From washing up your own dishes to disposing of your own trash, if you want freedom, then you need to be responsible for it. General Services such as water delivery and trash removal will be provided at a cost if requested.

There are only 3 rules at Skogen, and nobody’s job will be to enforce them.

Off Grid

Off grid here, means OffGrid. There’s no mains water supply from government or connection to the main electrical grid. Sorry to say it – we are nowhere near nice restaurants, and hotels!     


For the start we have solar panels and a generator, and I am sure there will be wind turbines and hydropower later on. 

Sure we have gas bottles but we will also have rocket stoves as the main cookers in the shared kitchen for when there is no gas, or to save gas. 

Rocket stoves are used here a lot and are easy to find made from welded metal.


Autonomous Zone

Trading out of necessity and convenience will take place by itself naturally.  Having skilled people living at Skogen creates produce and service providers. This become autonomous just with just good old fashioned common sense.

People do what they do and they charge money for it – grow food, make soaps or wine, offer building services, or have a service such as therapist or music teacher.

 The more diversity the better and there will be plenty of business plots being sold in the future. After time the Skogen company dissolves and it leaves and autonomous zone.

A place to stay free

Blockchain Technology

Future planned Forked DPOS blockchain, creating daily new coins to be used as wages.

NFT land deeds, stored on chain. Keeping interaction with government to a minimum.

Idea for a private paper cash, backed by NFTs for when the lights go out.