A place to stay free - living off the grid

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There are only 3 rules at Skogen Bosque

1. No Theft or Fraud.

2. No Hard Drugs in Shared Spaces.

3. No Violence unless Attacked or in the Defense of Private Property.

Otherwise known as Natural Law.

Updated 29th Dec 2022


Finally the project has relocated to San Cristobal de Las Casas in the Chiapas region of South Mexico!


It is being set up for the second time in a much better location whilst avoiding any interaction with any online networks such as Freedomcells



This has been designed from the start back in October 2021 as a private membership camping resort with some of the structures, layouts and features copied from various already successful projects where people are living off the grid in Europe and Scandinavia.



The manager knows exactly what to do and not what to do. To be very clear it is a place for those who did not take part in the experimental injections and for those who can look after themselves in a autonomous zone.



Socialists, Communists, Marxists, Freemasons, Cult members and MAPs are not welcome. If you use the word woke and/or believe in white guilt, you are a Marxist. The manager has zero problem with telling you people to FUCK OFF!



It is of upmost importance that whilst living off the grid in a remote place, that the people around you have been checked for previous criminal records and warrants. Lurkers are also not welcome!



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Self Governing Individuals

 Members agree in the contract to be the best version of themselves, creating a very pleasant atmosphere for everyone to live in peacefully.


Everyone is responsible for their own actions. If you make it dirty, you clean it, if you break it you replace it. From washing up your own dishes to disposing of your own trash, if you want freedom, then you need to be responsible for it.


General Services such as water delivery and trash removal will be provided at a cost if requested.



Living Off The Grid

Living off the grid, means living off the grid. There is to be no mains water supply from government or connection to the main electrical grid. 


For the start there will be solar panels and a generator.


The main cookers in the shared kitchen offered for the members to use will be rocket ovens and stoves. Biogas is planned to be produced on site in the future

Autonomous Zone

 Trading out of necessity and convenience will take place by itself naturally.  Having skilled people living at Skogen creates produce and service providers. 


People do what they do and they charge money for it – grow food, make soaps or wine, offer building services, or have a service such as therapist or music teacher.


The more diversity the better. After time the Skogen company dissolves and it leaves an autonomous zone. The buildings and roads will all be locked in contract to never be sold in the future so the place stays.

Blockchain Technology

The technology of blockchain is revolutionary. It is perfect for creating a whole eco system from it, which can be customized. The use cases are endless from proof of ownership to currencies which we plan on using in the future. It can also be used without the internet on a private network which is very appealing and is trustless technology that has no owner.


Solar power and Starlink will be the electric and internet covered for the project from the start, although this project is keeping EMFs to a minimum, with only one place on the land receiving the wifi signal. 



Use cases:

  • Future planned Forked DPOS blockchain for a currency, creating daily new coins to be used as wages.
  • The only accepted currency for plots in the future will be the projects own token. The token will be listed on an exchange.
  • Sounds too good to be true? The manager of this project has already lived at a place with this already functioing very well as a real life use case!
  • NFT as proof of ownership for your plot, stored on blockchain.
  • Keeping interaction with government to an absolute minimum.
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization – DAO.
  • If you expect to wait to get a piece of paper from government telling you that you own a plot instead of a NFT – then this is not the place for you amigo!

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