Skogen Bosque – Permanent Autonomous Zone

Skogen Bosque (The Forest Forest) is a Private City Project in Central Mexico for Libertarians. We are an unintentional community where the private property and ownership rights of the individual are respected and participation in any sort of group activity is on a voluntary basis only. Since the website launched in September 2021, and as is expected in these times, many people are moving to Mexico because they need to escape and others are coming to Morelia to support the project.

We only have a limited amount of plots left now for the first round sell off!

There is simply no other solution but to build private cities and gated communities for people to go live in without being controlled by Governments, whilst keeping their rights to own private property and to earn money without taxes and surveillance.

~Important to note~ Skogen Bosque cannot accept anyone who was not in the control group of the ongoing medical trials. If you have been injected with the experiment, then we cannot risk the unknown outcomes in the future of what effects it will have for the individual and the people they live with.

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Updated 12 January 2022