A place to Stay Free - Living Off The Grid


The Forest Forest

One Law, Natural Law


Self Governing Individuals

Members agree to be the best version of themselves, creating a very pleasant atmosphere for everyone to live in.


Members are responsible for their own actions. If you make it dirty, you clean it, if you break it, you replace it. 


Respecting each others private property and taking full responsibility for our actions. 


Living Off The Grid

Means Living Off the Grid!

 There is to be no mains water supply from government or connection to the main electrical grid.


 For the start there will be solar panels and a generator.


The cookers in the shared kitchen offered for the members to use will be wood burning rocket ovens and stoves. Recycled fuel is planned to be produced on site in the future.


Natural Economy

Trading out of necessity and convenience will take place by itself naturally.  Having skilled people living offgrid with us at Skogen creates produce and service providers.


People do what they do and charge money for it – Grow food, Make soaps or wine, offer Building services, or have a service such as Blacksmith or Music teacher etc. This makes it much easier to live off the grid if you have skills like this. 

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The land, buildings and roads will all be locked in contract at the time of purchase to never be sold or repurposed in the future. 

Our 1st Affiliation in San Cristobal de las Casas..
Hostel Casa De Satoshi


Bitcoin all the way at Casa Satoshi      

Pay for your stay, drinks and anything you like – in Bitcoin! You can even use the exchange in the reception and swap paper money for something that actually has value!


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