What stage is the project at right now? (FAQs since the land purchase are below)

We have 254 hectares of south facing mountain at 1000m, remote, with 2.8km of river 3 hours from Morelia


Is it Communal Based?

No – it is an UNITENTIONAL COMMUNITY starting as a land development company. It has been forming organically and will work autonomously with private plot ownership. There will be communal buildings in the middle of the land which is the Center of Skogen and has the shared spaces for its members to use. There will be a community but it will not be forced as it is not based solely on this. It is based on the individual and not the group.

Some people will take part in community more than others, and that’s why we have private plots and lots of space so everyone has a private space and an option to go to a shared space. People that choose not to participate so much in community are also welcome to live at Skogen. Residents will not be discriminated or alienated for not taking part in community as much as others.



Will there be a communal garden built in the Center?   

If for instance a group of residents want to make a communal garden, then it would be made on one of their private plots and open to all. There’s nothing stopping someone to use their plot(s) as a communal place if they want to, I want diversity and there should be enough space to have multiple residential zones for different ways of living. Make a business from selling the things you grow!



Why  are you not having a communal garden? @movingman has lived in places that have communal gardens. They are very nice but after a year or two, the volunteers dwindle away and then there’s one or two left looking after a huge garden. Eventually they get bored of the work and leave or stop doing the garden and then there’s a big unused part of the land.

Another reason is that it attracts people who like to get free things from others whilst they sit on their savings and pretend to be poor.


I am not in Mexico yet, how is the plot allocation happening, can you explain? 

We now have a plan of the land and available plots and are starting off at the riverside, please email to start communication to learn more. It’s a first pay first choose selection process. Once you have paid you will get to secure your desired plot, and are welcome to go camp on there until we can start building permanent homes.


We are a group looking to buy plots, can we have a Representative Member or do we all need to become Members? Anyone who wishes to visit or live at Skogen must become a level 2 Member. People who want to own plots at Skogen, needs to become a level 1 Member.


What is the meaning in the name for the Project? ..it is called Skogen Bosque. Literally translated it means Skogen (Norsk) “The Forest” and Bosque (Spanish) “Forest”. You know, The Forest Forest!


I am not so financially safe and worried about how I would survive in Mexico. How would I be able to earn money at the project?       

We shall have our own crypto currency which can be traded back into fiat or other cryptos on a trading site or Dex. This currency will produce daily more coins and people can be paid in this! It will be a DPOS which means there will be interests for holding the coin. Game changer because anyone can join the project with skills and motivation, and start a new life there form nothing. People can arrive and offer services to get cash very soon and there will be the basics to buy too!


I am already in Mexico, can I come and visit you and  see the land?            

 Yes, please do! Its been really good to meet people in person and for them to ask me face to face questions that they have, get to know each other and make sure everyone’s on the same page. 


Will background checks be made on Members? You bet. We are working out how to do this now, and membership prices will change to cover the costs. Skogen Bosque will be a gated community of sound people for the future well being of everyone. Employees and Ex-employees of Authorities (police forces and the likes) are strictly not allowed. We accept ex military but do not agree to Wars. This doesn’t mean that if you have a family member who worked in the government section you cannot be a member, it just means that we cannot have members who are at present, or have previously worked in the police forces and such.


If someone has a serious criminal record then they too will not be accepted into the membership – but all victimless crimes are not considered crimes at Skogen Bosque.



What is a victimless crime?                   

 If you have a criminal record of a said crime that had no other party as a victim involved, then this is a victimless crime. Drug charges, speeding tickets, possession of an illegal fire arm, and all the others that governments have in place. We were all young and rebellious at one point and an account of theft 20 years ago are not considered a worry to the project.


What type of housing would be suitable at Skogen?                            


 People are invited to build homes such as Straw bale round houses, Yurts and Tipis, Earth ships, Vehicles, Homes made inside of greenhouses, Tree houses, Barrel houses.. If you would like, let your imagination fly.. I’ve even seen people living in a caravan that had been hoisted 30 ft up into trees, suspended with ropes through the windows and a hole in the floor to enter!

There’s no building regulations at Skogen for plot owners.



I am not a builder, but want to buy a plot or be a founding investor and then I want a house built. What will the options be at Skogen Bosque? There re options. One is to find a builder (there will more than likely be a few between us) and employ them. Skogen Bosque will also offer options to buy homes from 3rd party company’s. 


   We have contact with cabin builders and other home building company’s and have their brochures available in the near future.

Mexican Laborer’s who are un-injected are also available for hire on a day rate of 30 USD a day.


What things are banned from Skogen? 5G enabled devices, Police, Hard drugs (in public spaces), Untrained/Uncontrolled Dogs, Injected people, Journalists and Government apps, being naked in public spaces, Cult members.


Will it be Family and Pet Friendly? Yes most definitely, it already is!  There will be a kids playground in the city center and various play areas dotted around too. Also a building dedicated for children to use. Pets are allowed but untrained dogs must be controlled on a rope whilst it is not on your own private land. Horses and the keeping of live stock are encouraged at Skogen. We even have cheaper land more suited for animals as its considered too  steep.


Will there be a School built in the Center? The parents of the kids can decided to use the kids building for homeschooling groups and other activities. There will be no dedicated teacher or any school, Skogen is autonomous which means parents would organize this between themselves.


You mentioned about a Cryptocurrency? Yes, we will have our own crypto currency and blockchain. We will also have a network which means the blockchain can still run without the internet. We can make a DPOS coin that produces coins everyday automatically and this crypto can be used as wages for people. We can have our own financial ecosystem, our own blockchain ID cards and currency, plots shall be given an NFT as a deed. It’s possible later on to make it so the plot sales can only be paid with the digital token we have thus boosting the value of the token.


Will there be 5G? No chance. We have recently decided that there will be one spot at the market place where there will be wifi, and then from there we run cables!


How will the center be powered if its offgrid? Solar mainly. Hydro too, considering we have 2.5km of 30m river! The main kitchen will use rocket stoves and wood ovens – yes, open fires to cook on. I’m sure a gas oven or 2 will appear though!

Water will be Rain water from the roof and other means from natural ground sources during dry season. There will be Ram pumps used to bring water up from the river. Wind power can be also used, along with any other mad experimental ideas to create free electric (huge earth battery’s?!)

We shall have gas bottles and use them until there’s no more available, and generators for backups and power tools and mobile power.


What about Cartels?                                                                                                           The area we are in is not suitable for avocados, and avocados is what the cartel grows and feels threatened by when people start farming and living in the campo.   

Everyone has the right to bear arms, (not where alcohol is being served and consumed)  Plot owners are responsible for protecting their property.




Skogen Bosque is soon to be a Mexican land development company.

People are encouraged to use initiative and to create trades if they choose to. For example I might have 20 chickens so I start selling eggs, baking bread and selling things I grew by telling everyone, making posters up as well and going from there.

There will be a marketplace where people can meet up, sell produce from a stand on market day once a week. There will be some kind of system using our own currency to rent stands for cheap at the market for example or people can even buy a market stand, the options are endless. In the market area skogen will sell commercial plots to people interested.

There will also be the one’s who don’t need to do anything and can consume the other peoples goods creating an economy which is normal.


About the Land

Are there existing roads on the land and access to it? The roads are good, much better than anticipated. Even a normal road car can get to the land and down to the river. 



Its warmer than in Morelia, but still the night cools off. We are waiting for the rainy season to start, it gets cloudy and rains at the hottest part of the day everyday in rainy season May to October.


Are there trees and plants on the plots? Yes many! and soon the place will be totally green!


Are there fish in the river? Yes, I saw then even recently at the driest of dry season. Also even in small stream there are rainbow trout on the area easy to catch!


What wild animals are found there? Deer, wild boar, ground birds, armadillos, racoons, iguanas. 


Once I have got a plot, can I come camp there? Yes definitely! We can start building permanent structures around August time.


Can I come in a motorhome? The roads are good enough to take one on yes, if you experienced in driving it!


How are payments for plots made? If paying by bank, then we accept Donations and in return we will give you a plot equivalent to the donation amount you gave us. But we prefer crypto!


Altitude? The land consists of two mountains, the one to the north is 1000m and the one to the south is 800m



What about deeds to the plots? Each plot will be having its own NFT, stored in your possession on blockchain. This token you shall keep in a wallet, and it will hold all the details for that certain plot. 


How is best to see updates and chat with @freedann?                                                     Telegram group, https://t.me/skogenbosque!



If there are any other questions please send an Email, you will be answered within a short time and the question shall be added to the FAQ’s!