We shall be using only upcycled and ecofriendly materials for the main shared buildings.. We shall be using concrete for some jobs for longevity, but expect to see a lot of wood, clay, glass bottle walls, natural stone, and whatever else we can locally sourced and get creative with,

Plot owners however, have zero restrictions on what they use and how they build their homes!!


Par taking in any group activities and any sense of community that comes naturally to Skogen, is completely voluntary. They should be no discrimination for those who want to keep totally private and not be as social as others. 

Zero licenses are required. To open up a business, drive a vehicle, own an item etc. 

If you don’t want it, you don’t pay for it. Services such as trash removal and water delivery will be available at extra costs. 

The next generation are welcome, in fact all generations are from young to old. It needs to be standard that there can be a safe place for families to live at, and for new couples to carry on the organic human race. There will be lots of recreation spaces with playgrounds. As for Pets, the only ones in question are untrained dogs.