Call To Action!

Hi, its Dan here.

I may as well add here - that I am not a pinche Hippy!!

Us vikingos have sheep wool hair, what to do about it?

Since Oct 2021, I have been working many long hours each day and went through all the process of getting land and starting the project up, doing the  promo, finding investors, selling plots and much much more – for it to all be wasted by defamation.


All the work in 40c heat clearing the land, months of helping people to come to Mexico whilst listening to their sob stories – only to end up bankrupted after refunding plot owners who got bombarded by trolls telling them it was all a scam. 


4 families and myself were really badly affected by it all, and the team members that approached me from online turned out to be made up of a psychopath who needed bi weekly anti nutter medication, via injections, one was a con artist, and the other was a paedophile freemason who sex trafficked the other team member to Texas. Cant even make this shit up.

I went through a lot and that’s why I don’t give a fuck to swear here.


Just after the payments couldn’t be made anymore on the land and the rumours had deterred everyone, all my power tools and personal possessions got stolen, and then within a few days after that – the first rains came and the building collapsed in a mudslide which had everything else inside.. 


What wasn’t stolen, was buried in mud and crushed by the roof. 



This was the building on the old land, it held furniture from the previously rented house that I could have sold to get me out of the situation I was in, but it ended up being buried under a roof and in the mud from the clay walls. These are the only photos that remain – but it shows how bad it was..

Trying to leave the old Location..

I was living in the old minivan after the building collapsed that was used for the project, but it was stuck in the bush for weeks on end, and nearly everyday I did the 12km walk twice, every time walking past the car on the track unable to move.


Nobody in the village could fix it and I managed to sell some saved items from the mudslide down in the village, to get money to pay a tow truck to get the car back to the city. 


Literally more than 5 months trying to find a mechanic to fix it whilst starting to learn mechanics myself because there were no real mechanics in the huge town I was in. Amazing!

I was forced to dump on the street what things I had rebuilt and take buses all the way to San Cristobal.


Anyway, I got told in Febuary that the car had been stolen. I had left it will someone to sell but yeh, that didn’t even work out to try get some money back.


I arrived in Sancristobal just before Christmas to instantly feel a huge relief and things have been getting very slowly better since. The energy here was instantly appreciated.


I hope to be able to buy the very basic things again like more clothes and cutlery, a bed etc.. 

I do make cider to sell when I am in situations like this, and have been since some months, but I didn’t get the money to continuously make it, so its not any kind of stable income at the moment.

The cursed car is finally gone..

I used play guitar to get by, but since the murphy’s law experience whilst running the project in 2022, my nervous system needs attention and I can’t play guitar well anymore, and it don’t even feel nice any more for me.


If I wasn’t an ACTIVE Activist, who was travelling around physically supporting anarchist projects, I wouldn’t be in this situation, because I would be retired already with my old bags of crypto cashed in at the ATH..


 I had to use what I had left of my bags, which was still a conciderable amount in 2020, totally against my will via paying rent and what not, under house arrest aka “lock down” in the very centre of Madrid of all places – and then getting back to home in Norway from Spain with my dogs and no wheels. 


Then early in 2021, I got deported whilst being 300km away from my home in Norway, with just jeans and T-shirt to Scotland due to BREXIT. Not even back to England,  because of overstaying. 


Its been rough for me since March 18th 2020 lets just say…


Now that I am totally financially fucked, I decided to try what other so called activists do, ask for help and to see if there is any solidarity in this part of the world being so close to USA.


I see people online, content creators doing walk and talks earning a good sum from that alone and on top of that, receiving donations of great numbers to start projects, which make my eye brows raise every time, but the thing is – a real activist has mud under his nails and workers hands, not keyboard softened fingertips and a posh microphone – whilst asking for masses amounts of money.

This was the “Reclaim The Land Project” 2013 I think it was, in a place called Ciggerones, Orgiva in Spain. When I arrived it was empty and abandoned from when the river swept everything away, and I invited people like woofers and Couchsurfers to come and today there are around 200 people living there. Unintentional community, works.

Wait.. Let me try!

I would like to raise 200 – 300k in donations to start this epic project.  

We dont get paid..

.. unless we sit on the street and entertain sheeple, whilst we are passing through your town, living very well from the waste of the NonEconomy that your all trapped in.

We are not on social media..

.. and dont support it, getting followers and to please the new AI god of google algorithums to get more likes, what the fuck is all this? Its not activism, its journalism. 

A Youtuber is not an activist & civilian journalism is not true activism neither.

It is called journalism,
and its nothing else other than a Job

I need support to pull off this epic project and you cant say anything because it is the second time around, so fucking help me out!


Send me money if you pay it Forward!


Anything you can send will be appreciated so much to get me back on track. I can’t even afford food anymore for my 3 dogs either who are all adopted.


I can now accept donations via banks because YES , I HAVE HAD NO BANK SINCE 2007 


ps.. paypal banned me instantly so try out wise they seem less pro censorship!

Here are the basic things I desperately need apart from general donations for food and support for rent.

I still have only very minimal clothes and next to nothing in the place I am staying at - and just haven't had the chance financially to recover since the mudslide back in June last year.

Basic 2nd hand furniture - Total needed - 500 USD
Laptop or PC - Total needed - 500 USD
THANKS!!!!!! 100%
Water Filter - Total needed - 200 USD
THANKYOU!!!!! 100%
Second hand clothes - Total needed - 150 USD

You can also donate me a cheeky 5 USD via Buy me a Coffee:




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