It is in the funding stages, your just in time!

This info is on the Location tab on the homepage.

It will be in the manager´s name at the time of purchase. As soon as the deal is done, the manager will be signing a contract to stop the land being sold on, and for it never to be used for anything other than its intended purpose. 

No –  If your are under any illusion it is, then this is not for you.


It is in the style of a land development company providing a camping resort for its members, nothing more.

It’s a first pay first choose plot deal, we don’t have the land yet so no stress, it’s the perfect time to get half price presale plots! Many plot owners are not in Mexico yet.. 

For level one members, Yes – especially after the first time around with the project! There’s also pre-screening questionaire as well for applicants going from Level 2 to level 1 so we make sure we are all on the same page.

Any, there are zero time limits to build like some other projects  require.

There is an extensive FAQ for those interested and have started supporting the project. Basically anything sick and twisted that has been normalized.

Yes most definitely! We have rules though about dogs being on leads whilst not on your own plot.


There will be a recreational area in each residential zone. 


The keeping of livestock is encouraged at Skogen!

No chance! 5G enabled devices are one item on the banned list.

What ones, Big Farma, Big Tech, the Banksters?

Yes, we shall have hamlets of only a few plots for those not wanting to live near many people.

Main updates will be posted in The Lounge on Telegram or via email updates. @skogenbosque

Victimless crimes are not considered crimes at Skogen Bosque​

There will ne no communal garden space, which will create economy.. crash course in politics right there hahaha!

Each plot will have its own Non Fungable Token stored on a blockchain.







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