Not everyone needs someone or a group to govern them..


But the masses will always cry for a leader, purely because they are conditioned to let someone else make the decisions. They have the control of food, finance, education and now a medical tyranny which is nothing other than a scam.

A small percentage of us in the western countries, decided to detach ourselves from this system a long time ago, and since 2020 even more new people are wanting too do the same thing.


There are no places for people to go to and so we leave our home countries as Disporas, and we need a place to live.


Off grid living is hardcore but giving it a go is much better living than being a slave to the bank card, rent and supermarkets

– especially now since 2020 …

Since 2020 it has been proven that only fools would stay in a city. Whether you like it or not, this is just the start of a very long chapter for the human race. 

And now the media is saying the world will have to live with a virus that was never isolated, by which they actually mean the new fascism rules set in place on the people. Surprisingly or not so, many people have even left Mexico to return to their home countries, thinking also that its all over. 

For those of us who know really the depth of what’s going on, we know that this is just the beginning of a communistic world, and that we need more place to go live at in peace. Places take time to build up, and there’s not many people willing to take the leap to being off-grid even thought they know its the only way.

Our Solution..

A membership based “Private City” for those not taking part in any trials for the experimental injections, not wanting to have to jump through hoops to enter a shop, or to wear a muzzle to enter a building. Think of it as a huge camping site but where people can rent or buy plots, or pay for nightly parking in a campervan and open up businesses.

Camping sites are also gated, have a security team, have shared amenities such as a bar, shops, play areas, and some are even for members only. 



Nobody goes to a camping site to cause trouble, and the atmosphere is always a relaxing holiday vibe. People respect each others plots even though they are unfenced and it doesn’t belong to the ones renting. They respect the infrastructure set in place for everyone to use. Some people have plots that they have all year round and only visit for holidays. Skogen Bosque is in easy terms, a campsite for the un-injected.