We are located in a huge area of vast mountains with not much around, 2.5 hours drive south east from Morelia, Michoacán in Mexico.

The land is 10km from the tarmac road, and the nearest village is El Devanador. The main track to the land is good, and the road down to the river is also. We have even been in a really low car and it made it although it’s not recommended! 

Cars , vans (a VW camper was easy), trucks and possibly buses can even get to Skogen easily.

The village is nice, small but with plenty of shops and all the normal things found in Mexican villages. With 5 or 6 visits already to the village, we have never seen anyone wearing the muzzle. There is a famous church there, and everywhere we have eaten out there for street food, the food has been perfect.


Dan has made friends in El Devanador and everyone is happy that there will be a new “Ranch” with many people living there. 

The locals said “Many people in the village died from the V”, so we wont take it. He has a work force of un-injected workers ready to work at Skogen!