The project will be located within a 2 hour driving range from San Cristobal, it will be remote and between 6 to 10 km from the closest tarmac road.

Exact location has not yet been found – but an area 45 minutes drive south east from SC has been! It is warmer than Sancristobal and cooler than in Tuxtla.


San Cristobal is more suited for the project, with more greenery and fertile land than the last place. The town is full of very high positive vibes, and the people are international. This is certainly the place for Skogen Bosque!

Land Specs.

As was with the last land that was purchased, this land will have to have certain the same specifications. The first is concidering the water supply(s) that are withing the land borders. 

The old land had just under 3km of an all year round river, but now the project is in Chiapas, the specs can be upgraded because the region is more fertile.

  • More than one water source, including at least 2 natural springs.
  • A high percentage of the land to be Pine forest.
  • Altitude of the land is to be between 1000m and 1700m.
  • One way in and one way out, hard to access.
  • Atleast 120 hectares.

Plan of shared amenities.

Here is a birdseye plan of the main shared building most likely to be called Swampen, as it is almost a direct copy of the main building at a project in Denmark which is home to 75 adults and 30 kids since 51 years. It has a shared kitchen, a dining room area whuich has space for billards and darts or live music, a bar, a washroom for laundy, a toilet, and is the main building connected to the work shop, and showers.

The toilets which are seperate from the main building will be dry compost toilets. The shop is out of view on this photo but can be seen below. These designs will be made bigger to suit because it is expected to be housing more than 75 adults. There will be other shops around the land and other shared places, but this is the main first area.

Once land has been purchased, the first thing happening will be a semi perminant camping site built, with compost toilets, a lounge area, fire pits and a big roofed open walled kitchen area. The repair work shop will be open to everyone, and will provide lockers and benches for members to use. You supply your own tools. All these buildings will be made from upcycled materials, and will have a very unique feel to them.

This is what you can expect from the project planning!

These photos are to give an idea of the planning that will be repeated on the new land, whilst topography of the terrain with a drone is completed. This is from the first time around, this is not land that we own now.