The project will be located within a 3 hour driving range from San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas.

The region of Chiapas is more suited for the project, with more greenery and fertile land than the last place. The town is full of very high positive vibes, and the people are international.


This is the place for Skogen Bosque!

Specifications of land to purchase

You can rest assured that we know exactly what we are looking for and wont be buying any land that doesn’t meet the specs.

 The first and most important, is considering the water supply(s) that are within the land borders. 


More than one fresh water source.



– One way in and one way out – hard to access.


– A size of 120 to 250 hectares.


– A high percentage of the land to be Pine forest.


– Altitude of the land is to be between 1000m and 1700m.


– The land will never be Edijo land.

The manager of this project will be the site foreman. Since carpentry, he has experience in building site management, using machinery such as diggers, and has a high standard quality of work.

He has experience with everything needed to build the infrastructure, and so the project doesn’t need to employ an outside company. We shall only employ labourers.


People interested in the project and have skills such as black smithing, mechanical engineering, electrical works, and other such skills, are welcome to get in contact because we can offer you a free plot for joining the project!

Find us on

Email : Skogenbosque@protonmail.com