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For those who will never visit the project but would like to support it!!


The project manager went totally bankrupt after the first launch in 2022, and had a terrible year - even loosing his possessions when his house collapsed, and has not since been able recover. He spends hours everyday creating content and promoting the project since October 2021 and has never taken a peso for himself. There are costs to maintain everything and the project can really do with donations from people who appreciate such projects and can easily afford to part with money. Proceedings go to the website, promo vids, business cards, posters, and pdfs, land agents, and eventually land (!) and also around 5 usd humbly feeds the manager every day. As a thankyou for your support, you can gain access to our tips and advice for complete beginners on steps to making the move to a new offgrid lifestyle, and more! Even if you don't come to Mexico, we hope our advice helps you make a decision about going offgrid.

For whatever reason you cannot join us in Mexico, we wish you all the best and hope you will get offgrid in the country you are in, if your already not!!

  • Tips for going off the grid.
  • Members only Telegram group.
  • Full Project PDF.
  • More in depth FAQs. 
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