Private Membership Association

Skogen Bosque has two levels of Memberships.

 Everyone must become a level 2 member before proceeding to level 1 Plot owners, Visitors and Residents.

Firstly Skogen Supporters, who wont ever set foot on the project but want to support it from far away and want something in return for their support.


You get access to the private members Telegram group to check out the projects personal Vlog and the restricted content section for members only, where we give valuable beginners information for becoming more self reliant and getting offgrid.


Skogen Supporters


Residents and Visitors


Level 2 Skogen Support

For those who will never visit the grounds, but want to support the project from a far and hangout with us online, and get access to the restricted content. 500 Pesos Annually.


Level 1 Members

Level 1 for thoise who wish to become a Plot Owner, a Resident, or a Visitor. We have a level 1 screening for those wishing to become level 1 Members.

Level 1 membership is an extra 500 peso annually. 

These prices will rise along with the projects progress.

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