Skogen bosque is strictly a membership based project. All visitors and those wanting to live at Skogen must become a member. We want to make sure that everyone has the same understanding about the last two years and the current situation. The questionnaire isn’t a test to be passed, its just so we have an idea of who you are.

In the future members will have a criminal and employment background check made to make sure that they have no previous crimes such as sexual assault or pedophilia. Employment checks are made to make sure there’s no ex police living at Skogen Bosque. Members also sign a contract saying that they didn’t take part in the medical trials, and the punishment for lying about this is extreme without discussion and is in the membership contract.


Feel free to download and edit the Questionnaire and send it back to us to receive the agreement, we keep the membership contract offline for privacy reasons.

Memberships cost 1000 mxn (50 USD) for residents and visitors – and 500 mxn (25USD)  for supporters far away.