Skogen Bosque is a private membership based project, to purchase a plot or to be a visitor you must become a member.

All plots have at least 5 meters between each one (if you buy two together you get that extra land) and all have or will have direct access to a road. You can request individual details (elevation, slopes ect) of any plot by referring the plot number via email or @freedann on telegram.

It is a first pay, first choose scenario. If I for example had my eye on a plot, I would pay the amount, but could also change plot location when it came to choosing.

Here are the plots in Residential zone 1.

Residential 1 (R1, 60 Acres) has planned – 2 seperate carparks (white),  a Recreational area of 0.5 acres with BBQ grills (white). Toilets and benches and lots of open space. The first carpark up the top is 0.5 acres and the bottom carpark is 0.25 acres. Both have a toilet block.

The Orange line is a proposed road. Red are Standard Plots (SP)  Sky Blue are Acre Plots (AP), Turquoise are Half Acre Plots (HA) and Yellow are Tiny home plots (TH & DTH, Double sized TH). The Map is always pointing North!

Standard plots – Red (1000 m2 / 0.25 Acre)

12,000 USD

Acre Plots – Sky Blue (4000 m2)

30,000 USD

Half Acre Plots (HA)

Half Acre plots (2000 m2) are in two groups. 1 to 7 have steeper slanted ground out the back for sale, suitable for keeping animals on which is later to be discussed if requested. These are directly on the main road of Skogen and are in-between the center and the market area. Each plot has 10m in between owned by Skogen.

R1 HA1-7

R1 HA8 – 12 are nearer to the center, and 12 is actually in the corner of Res 1. They have direct road access to the main road and plot HA12 has access to the road in Res 1.

20,000 USD

Tiny Home Plots – Yellow 100/150/200m2


11 at Half Acres, 11 x 100m2 plots closest to the center and main road access near to carpark and toilets. Suitable for the elderly or disabled. A small lane will be built to access TH2, TH3 & TH4

4,000 USD


The Tiny Six, in the North of Res 1 closest to the main road at Skogen, oppersite the top carpark and toilets situated on the small ridgeline. 6 x 100m2 plots with atleast 5m between each.

4,000 USD

The Swirl, has 9 x 150m round plots with 5m between each, next to bottom carpark and the recreational zone. To the East is Double 4 comprising of 4 x 200m2 square plots with more than 5m between each, with road access and next to the recreational zone. To the North is the Tiny Six, 100m2 plots at the top of the ridge, opposite the top carpark and closest to the main road of Skogen.

6,000 USD


Double 4, has 4 x 200m2 square plots with at least 5m between, close to the ring road of Res 1, with the recreational zone at the doorstep. Parking shall be added here also for the Double 4 if requested.

8,000 USD