Resident zone 1

Residential 1 was the first planned residential zone. Closest to the entrance and the Center with its own proposed ring road, 0.5 Acre Recreational ground and two main carparks with toilets. It consists of:

17 x Standard Quarter Acre Plots (Red – SP)

9 x Acre Plots (Sky Blue – AP)

12 x Half Acre plots (Turquiose – HA) 7 with plots for animals out the back

17 x 100m2 Tinyhome plots (Yellow – TH)

4 x 200m2 Tinyhome plots (Yellow DTH)

9 x 150m rounded Tinyhome plots (Yellow RTH)


Also, The Hinterlands for those who like to live far from people but still near the action.

The Hinterlands is 330m from the main road, in a small south facing valley, but still close to the center. It consists of:

4 x Standard Quarter Acre Plots (Red –  SP)

3 x Half Acre Plots (Turquoise – HA)

2 x 200m2 Tinyhome Plot (Yellow – DTH)

4 x 100m2 Tinyhome Plot (Yellow – TH)

Here is the link to Residential  1 Plot sales brochure – Please note prices will rise after May 20th 2022!