Presale Plots

In 2020 the market for cabins and boats, campervans and anything else which gave people an option instead of being locked down at home, went ballistic and prices for all these things doubled and became very hard to buy. They never went back down in price and only became more scarce.

Our prices we are offering are very inviting, especially for those who don’t need a place to go to right now, but would like to have a destination to go to in the future if things go crazy again. The sizes we offer are set out below, for prices and how many plots are still available, please send us an emai.

Plot Sizes

Tiny Home Sized Plots

Offering the chance to get in on the project and own your own plot, even if your not financially well off or want to mix up plots and have various sized plots spread out. A ranch on a hectare, and a tiny house plot to get away for a night or two!



“Standard” – 100 Meters Square – 40,000 Pesos.

“Rounded” – 150 Meters Square –

60,000 Pesos.

“Double” – 200 Meter Square –

80,000 Pesos

As always there is not a restriction on your plot, so your not expected to build a tiny house just because they are called tinyhome plots!

"Standard" Quarter Acre plots 1000 m2 - 200,000 peso

Half Acre plots 2000 m2 - 400,000 peso

Founder Hectare Plots!

2.47 Acres – 10,000 m2 – 600,000 peso

Maybe your wanting enough space to raise animals and have food production going on, and who could blame you. This is also a great option for a party wanting to live close together, a big family or a couple with plans for the future. 


We want an abundance of food to be available at Skogen for sale and trade. Excess will never be a problem!

Mexican born citizens can receive a 50% discount off plots! 

There is a full life long refund policy for plots, please feel free to ask about it. Every plot will have at least 5 meters between the next, and this land is gifted if two adjoining plots are brought.

....get your off grid place of safety when you can - not when you suddenly need it - and whilst you still have what little financial freedom remaining!


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