There is a presale agreement to recieve upon request for those who need to become members and want to get plots at half price and or want to purchase the one time offer of hectare plots.

This has been done to secure a smooth launch of the project, and from lessons learnt from experience.

Plot Prices

 Tiny Home Sized Plots:  

100 m2 – 40,000 peso – 2000 USD

     or       200 m2 – 80,000 peso – 4000 USD

               Standard Quarter Acre Plots:  

 1000 m2  6000 USD  


Half Acre Plots:     

  2000m: 2000 m2 9000 USD 


  Acre Plots:   

4000 m2 – 15,000 USD



One Full Hectare Option

(Only 8 available)

30,000 USD

Please send an email to to recieve the presale plot agreement.