There is a presale agreement to recieve upon request for those who want to get presale plots and/or want to purchase the one time offer of hectare plots. Hectare plots are only on offer to kick start the project and wont be offered in the future once the land has been purchased.


This is the alternative of finding a silent start up invester (which is still an open option) and whilst offering a good deal to regular people instead.





Plot Prices


Tiny Home Sized Plots:  

100 m2 – 40,000 Peso

     or       200 m2 – 80,000 Peso

    Standard Quarter Acre Plots:

1000 m2 – 120,000 peso  


Half Acre Plots:     

  2000 m2 – 180,000 Peso 


  Acre Plots:   

4000 m2 – 300,000 Peso



One Full Hectare Option

(Only 8 available)

600,000 peso




Please send an email to to recieve the presale plot agreement!