Pre-Screening Form Level 1

-Members can cancel memberships at any time by sending us an email.
-Fees will never be refunded or transferred.
-In addition to the 3 rules there are certain things banned from the grounds purely because the world has changed so drastically.

5G and above enabled devices, Police, those who took part in the medical trials, Journalists, Government Apps, Being naked in the shared spaces, Cult Members, Vicious uncontrollable dogs & dogs that bark all night at nothing. 'MAPs', Freemasons, Socialists, Woke, Marxists, Communists, Government agents, the Sexualisation of children and the manipulation of their gender.

-Members swear that they have not been injected with any 'Vaccines' since March 2020.
-Members have no previous criminal convictions of violence or sexual assault or multiple charges of serious theft.
-Members agree that they have no history of psychiatric illnesses and are not on any medication for such.
-Skogen Bosque reserves the right to cancel a membership for anyone breaking the terms of the agreement.
-Members agree to accept an NFT for their land deeds and are forbidden to register plots with any government. Doing so will result in an immediate cancellation of membership.
-Members agree to be the best version of themselves and that nobody else will enforce the 3 rules: No theft or fraud, no violence unless attacked and no hard drugs in shared spaces.
-Any damage that occurs to property of Skogen Bosque must be replaced at once without delay by the one who damaged it, intentionally or accidentally.
-Members agree that there is no public liability cover unless they have it for themselves, and that Skogen Bosque can never be sued for any reason whatsoever.

-All members agree that Skogen Bosque is not under civil law or any legal statutes from any government, and that the only law recognized is common/ natural law.
-Skogen Bosque reserves the right to change the membership agreement after giving written notice to members.
-Matters and disputes between residents will be settled internally without involving the police.
-Members agree to having full international background checks carried out in the near future and confirm they have no warrants or previous crimes involving victims, nor have worked for government law enforcement.

If found out to be lying about this agreement, membership will be terminated at once. The member will be removed and banished from Skogen - and plot(s) brought back at cost price by Skogen with no regard to value of what has been built on the plot.

-Members must give their real names and info to be used only for the background check. A kyc will be required due the experiences already had here in Mexico.