Whilst choosing a country to go to in these crazy times, it is best to concider these things firstly.

Is there a winter?

This determines how much food you can grow on your offgrid homestead and as importantly it also determines the setup of your new offgrid home. If you have a place that has 5 months of sub zero weather then you woiuld need to produce a lot more in the summer months and have it in storgae via pickiling, hang drying and other storage methoids. In a country with no winter, you can grow and harvest fresh food all year round, which is less stressful than prepareing for a long winter. 


It also matters on the altitude of the place you will go to. Certain things grow at certain heights and depending on the height, that effects the temperatures. Temperatures control what is possible to grow in a place, and if the altitude is high then it is normally colder and only basic vegetales and greens can be grown. 


One of the reasons we are building the Skogen project in south Mexico is because food can easily be grown all year round and not only basic vegetables and greens!

The history of the country.

This is important if you have heard the term -. “History repeats”.. Its probably best to choose a country that never previously has had a fascict regime! Spain, Germany, Italy come to mind in Europe, but it is obvious that since 2020 every country in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA and Canada are soon heading into Fascist Communism.

Also people in these countrys and continants are more obident and trusting to governments. Another reason why Mexico, especially Chiapas is because the people have a natural distrust against authority

Is it a cheap country?

Unless money is no problem and anywhere is affordable, you need to ask how much basic daily life would cost there. Its not that you plan to live in civilization forever but maybe you want to settle ongrid before going offgrid.. or maybe to do that modern offgrid near to the supermarkets option.